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Your GP can review our page on Accredited Mental Health Social Workers


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  Why Choose Brilliance

Counselling & Consultancy?

  • Our Clinical Director and Counsellors are qualified, accredited or registered with their disciplines governing organisation.  This assures you are counselled by a professional. 

  • We are warm, caring and thoughtful and have loads of real life experience, as well as years of professional practice.


  • We're professionals, we never judge, we still show warmth, empathy, kindness & best of all we can provide great strategies.
  • Gain clarity, direction and calm when you are feeling lost or confused.
  • Resolve relationships and conflict with proven approaches, based on extensive research. 
  • Friends & family may take on your problems and become stressed and worried.  

​What is the Advantage of  

Having Counselling?

  • When nervous, sad, angry, confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, emotional or just don't like yourself
  • Relationship needs support & change
  • Family or Parenting difficulties
  • Pain, illness, sleeplessness
  • Workplace stress
  • Mental Health less than ideal
  • Emotions run your life
  • LGBTIQA concerns

What sorts of difficulties  benefit from counselling?

Pathways to our Services

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GP Mental Health Care Plan,

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Brisbane MIND Providers


You may also access our counselling and supervision face to face and Skype