Shanna has a wealth of understanding and life experience.  Her Art Therapy is invaluable.

Meet our brilliant Counsellors

Rachel Whitehead

Rachel has a degree in Occupational Therapy and a Masters of Counselling 
with14 years experience in mental health and counselling.  She has worked for State Govt.s and NGOs.  
Her work includes mild to severe mental health conditions, eating disorders, and grief and loss. 
She has worked for Isis-The Eating Issues Centre, and in private practice 
with people from all walks of life.  

She has also designed and/or facilitated numerous therapeutic groups with high retention rates. 
Rachel is particularly passionate about working with young people, girls and women who have

developed an eating disorder, people affected by grief and loss, including health and capacity

loss and end-of-life issues, and has had helped to change lives of people experiencing anxiety

and/or depression to move through that which has held them back, and into a place of

enthusiasm for life.  

Rachel is available by appointment for Brisbane MIND clients

Paul Dunne

Paul has practised as a registered Psychologist for almost 25 years.

He describes himself as a Holistic Psychologist focusing on the physical, mental, emotional,

and spiritual aspects of your life.  Paul provides our clients with information, knowledge,

skills and techniques useful for developing personal empowerment. Everyone needs support and

guidance at times to meet the variety of challenges life presents.

In a dynamic and challenging psychology career, Paul has provided training to the community

and youth sector in the areas of youth suicide and self-harm, Domestic and Family Violence,

Palliative Care, Aged Care, Death and Dying, and young people at risk of harm.

Paul maintains a special interest in finding ways of empowering young people 30 years and younger.

Paul’s interventions are tailored for the individual needs of each client.

Your individual sessions with Paul provide you with insight into the way in which your

physical body cooperates with your brain and inner mind, and how each of these aspects

interacts with your energy system.

You will learn how to re-establish your personal power, challenge outdated old belief systems, and access a freedom that allows you to make choices for personal wellbeing and happiness.

Paul will teach you how to communicate with your inner self and utilises CBT, Mindfulness, Meditation, Energy Psychology Techniques, and evidence based practices to dissolve pain in your life and support you to be empowered and engaged in new and positive ways for a brighter future.

Paul is available by appointment   

Shanna McLeod

Shanna McLeod is a highly qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist and an associated member of 
Australian creative arts therapy association (ACATA)  
International expressive arts therapy association (IEATA). 
Shanna is a peer worker and mental health first aider.  

Shanna's passion for Creative Arts Therapy has grown out of her own lived experience of mental

health recovery using visual art as a method of inner exploration and self preservation. Her years of

deeper learning have assisted her in developing a passion for psychosocial wellbeing and develops

regular programs to support a sense of altruism, interpersonal learning and growth within


Shanna is actively involved in group work and mental health peer support.

Shanna is available by appointment

Administrative Support

Dr Don Wyatt, is our Practice Manager, he has an extensive background in Health, Education

and Community Development, in academia, diverse workforces and has worked across

continents and cultures.  

He is completely a Bachelor of Naturopathy and is very knowledgeable about nutrition and

supplements.  His previous studies and life experience allow him to discuss sound lifestyle choices.

He also has a lot of experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,

those with CALD backgrounds, LGBTIQA and FIFO roles.  

Ask Don about Medicare Rebates, ATAPS and DVA Services through your GP.  

He can explain to you the process of gaining an appropriate referral.  

He is also able to arrange your appointments and is covered by the same

Confidentiality Agreement as everyone at Brilliance Counselling and Consultancy.

Animal Assisted Therapy Project

We have a 2 yr old puppy undergoing extensive training as a Therapy Dog.  She is a sweet girl.

We are familiarising her with her work place and our clients. You may meet her as she becomes a more

frequent part of the Team.  Frida is very qualified in confidentiality and is covered by our code of ethics.


For clients who are uncomfortable around, or allergic to dogs, please advise us prior to your appointment. ​​



Everyone here at Brilliance shares a passion for planting seeds in the minds of all the people with whom we work. We endeavour to empower you to grow and reach your brightest potential.  Our business model includes showing warmth, compassion and assisting people to make sustainable change.

We are all covered by our Brilliance Code of Conduct and our Professional Codes of Conduct.  You may rest assured your information will be treated confidentially and with respect.  

We're so happy to have such a warm and mindful counsellor. Rachel offers her clients her compassion and reassurance.

Jani offers Skype/Zoom Videotherapy counselling, supervision & clinical consultation internationally.

We offer meditation on Monday nights, as we are convinced that this practice is of immense benefit.

We are all trained to offer suicide prevention, support clients with depression and anxiety and assist with family difficulties.

Jani is available full time & extended hours.

My vision for our highly professional Practice is to provide holistic health with counselling, training and professional supervision, employing intuition, empathy and warmth.

About Us

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Don will join us soon offering Naturopathy.  In the meantime he is able to advise about nutrition.

​He is calm and knows all there is to know about Medicare and BrisbaneMIND referrals

 Gottman Therapy

 Jani has completed Level 3 training in Gottman Therapy.  She trained in Seattle with Drs Julie & John Gottman. Her Levels 1 & 2 were completed in Denver with Don & Carrie Cole, of the Gottman Institute.  

She offers 90 mins appointments and can offer extended sessions and marathon sessions, by appointment.  

Her niche areas include LGBTIQA concerns.  

Jani has a strong sense of fun

​when working with children

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Clinical Director

Jani Forest-Wyatt

Jani is a passionate and dedicated * Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, and a proud professional member of AASW, Anzapth, ISTSS, ASTSS, EDA, Gottman Referral Network and social justice organisations.  She initiated the North Brisbane Private Practice Network.  She has undertaken extensive professional development.

Jani's niches include but are not limited to: Trauma, Complex PTSD, PTSD, Gottman Therapy, LGBTIQA & working with Children & Young People. Her experience includes working with FIFO, with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People, CALD and other minority groups.  She is convinced that therapy needs to be holistic and dynamic.  She offers therapeutic group work with fun and humour.





Paul embodies all of the best of holistic approaches. We're very lucky to have found a male counsellor with his calm and peaceful energy.

Frida is a gentle giant who loves people.