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We offer counselling, supervision, group work, training and health coaching.

We now have four Counsellors who are able to offer you warm, compassionate, caring and professional services to assist you. 

We have no waiting lists and are therefore able to offer an appointment quickly.

Our four counsellors have specialist areas that include individual, relationship and family work. Our specific training and interests include trauma work, Gottman Therapy, LGBTIQA, eating disorders, FIFO, working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, CALD, reduced capacity, children and youth, workplace disputes, domestic violence, mindfulness and an holistic approach to health and happiness.


Only $85.20 with Rebate

We'd love to discuss your needs today.  Please call us on 0424855581.

​GP referrals may be sent by FAX to 07 32832771.

Counselling, Supervision, Workshops & Training at 1/457 Oxley Avenue, Redcliffe. Qld 4020

For Skype appointments, call us to discuss a suitable arrangement.

We know that families can be complicated, parenting can present challenges, partnerships may not always go smoothly.  

We're here to help you to work through any of the difficult times, without judgement or bias. 

We offer counselling with new skills to deal with a much brighter future.

Our vision is to cater for all your counselling needs.

​That's why we have various trained counsellors who have broad professional and life experience.


By obtaining a referral & MHCP from your GP you will be eligible for an immediate rebate.  ATAPS Referrals have no gap

FEES ​as at 1 July, 2017

Individual Counselling

for all ages                                  



Gottman Therapy for Relationships 

Appointments  90 mins         $240.00 


We are able to provide a limited number of bulk billed appointments at any one time

​Home and Aged Care Facility Visits are often Bulk Billed


DVA Clients at the Practice & Home Visits

Directly billed to DVA

Ask your GP to refer you to us

Supervision                                    $160.00 + GST

in person or over Skype


Skype Counselling                        $170.00

Extra fee may apply for extended hours

Letters & Reports are available and fees can be discussed. Minimum 2 hrs.


24 hours notice is required for cancellations.

48 hours notice for appointments 4pm onwards and Saturdays. 

Our client agreement details conditions.

 When you visit Brilliance Counselling & Consultancy in our Redcliffe Offices, you will gain from our many years of experience in counselling & supervision.  

See below for links and references that will help you to access more detailed information

Suicide Prevention

131114 Lifeline

If you or someone you know, is talking about suicide, please take them to the nearest hospital emergency department

In this way they can be linked in with professionals who are highly trained to support them

Please do not leave someone alone, when they are talking about suicide

Domestic Violence

Fermented Foods and Mental Health

Dr Michael Mosley

Gender Related

Gottman Therapy


Turmeric cannot be taken by people taking certain medications.  

We are not advocating the use of turmeric by everyone.  We are offering sites to help people who are interested in researching the use of different approaches to health concerns.  

Health professionals are able to give advice about the appropriateness of supplements and if you are taking prescription medications, you will need to discuss using turmeric, with your GP or Specialist.

If you are seeing a Naturopath or Nutritionist, they will be able to discuss these concerns with you.  

You do need to disclose all of the medications, supplements and foods as medicine that you are taking.

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