Jani's Specialisations include:

Relationship Coaching and Individual Work

With Dr Don Wyatt PhD

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Relationship Coach

*Relationship Coaching utilises Gottman Therapy

All couples: married, de facto, engaged, dating, heterosexual, gender diverse, culturally diverse

LGBTIQA, Transgender/CIS, Same Sex

*Initial Couple’s Appointment with Two Coaches 120 mins for $340.00

*Subsequent Couple’s Appointment 90 mins for $255.00

*Subsequent Marathon Couple’s Appointments for $170.00 per hour

*Individual appointments after Initial Couple’s Appointment $170.00 per hour

*Individual Client Work using skills in

Trauma PTSD, Complex PTSD, DV, Single Incidents

Mental Health Low Mood, Depression, Anxiety, Stress

Gender Diversity Positive Counselling and Coaching All LGBTIQA individual concerns, family conflicts, workplace challenges, coming out

Life Transitions Coaching related to personal and professional changes

*Initial Individual Appointment 90 mins for $200.00

*Subsequent Individual Appointment 60 mins for $170.00

Medicare Rebates may apply allowing significant rebates

Natural Medicine

holistic health



Initial appointment 90 mins: $150.00

Subsequent Appointments up to 60 mins: $90.00

Brief Follow Up Appointments for up to 30 mins: $60.00

Combined Initial Individual Counselling & Naturopathic Treatment 180 mins: $320.00

Subsequent Combined Appointments 120 mins: $250.00

Online Appointments Fees Negotiable Depending on Time Zones

Couple’s Coaching

As a couple we can teach you and guide you to have meaningful discussions that go somewhere. You’re going to learn how to have conflicts whilst still showing respect. We can explain how to use our approaches to deepen your connection. With a bit practise it’s possibly to rekindle a spark that’s flickering. Sometimes it’s a challenge to overcome a major crisis but it’s not impossible. We’ve helped teach couple’s to recover from affairs and addictions. That doesn’t happen overnight but we will help you to work towards being the best that you can be. We show you how to accept that we don’t all see things the same way. We can help you to learn ways to turn towards one another and think positively about each other’s differences.

We do this by having a really good discussion about how you came to the point of needing some relationship support. We use the approaches that are based on forty years of research and are highly interactive. We coach and support your relationship and can help you trust and hope again.

We use Gottman Therapy https://www.gottman.com/


I want you to feel safe and able to talk with us honestly while we explore your experience. When you’re questioning what your sexuality means to you, you probably don’t want to have to justify it to other people. Sometimes family and friends aren’t accepting and supportive and we are both. I can help you explore what your identity, friendships, social place and relationships could look like.

I honour an individual’s right to be who they are and can help you to process the realities of your life now and in the future. If you’re feeling really depressed or anxious we can show you how to manage those feelings and how to develop ways to deal with intense experiences or hopelessness or rejection.

Diverse Identity

We help you to manage the prospect of coming out and how to develop ways to cope with all the responses that you may experience. We appreciate the challenges that may face young people or more mature people coming out. We know that for some people this transitional period isn’t as smooth and doesn’t involve the level of acceptance that you might crave. We’re here to offer understanding, a sounding board, negotiation skills and supports. We show you skills of negotiation and acceptance. Sometimes transformation from wanting a life that reflects your true self and living that life that can be somewhat challenging and involve big changes to how you interact with others. The adjustment takes time and we offer support and advice while you explore your experiences.

PTSD, Complex PTSD, Domestic Violence, Single Incident

Trauma work is challenging. It’s daunting to learn new skills in how you approach the impact that trauma has had on your life. When you know you’re ready to make changes we can teach you the skills and offer the option of body healing with natural medicine, simultaneously. We will walk with you for as long as it takes to feel safe and comfortable with the past or a single distressing event in your life.

We use psychotherapeutic and psychological therapies with health science to allow you to access a holistic approach. This work will help you to feel that you can overcome the legacy of pain and improve daily life and health. While we cannot erase the past, we can master our responses now and in the future. We care and will gently guide you to find the safest and healthiest future.

Jani accepts Mental Health Care Plans, approved Workcover clients, and some EAPs.

Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Problems, Anger Management, Life Changes

We teach skills that work towards improving mood, reducing anxiety, adjusting to changes, coping with those around us, managing mood whilst at home and at work, how to negotiate interactions with difficult people and how to manage your own reactions when you are the difficult people.


We’re passionate about using meditation. We offer a weekly session on Mondays at 6pm. Please call and reserve your place. We use lots of different styles and explore what the practice of meditation means and how it changes our lives.

Professional Supervision

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Qualifications & Memberships or Lots of Details that some people want to know…

Jani Forest-Wyatt

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) and active AASW Member

Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health INC (ANZPATH) Full Member

Gottman Level 3, Treating Affairs and Trauma, Gottman Referral Network, Relationship Institute of Australasia Gottman Therapists Support Group

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), Ethical Entrepreneurs and social justice groups.

The North Brisbane Private Practice Network and Private Practice Social Workers Interest Group

Skype/Zoom Videotherapy, counselling, supervision & clinical consultation Australia and Internationally

Dr Don Wyatt PhD

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Health Sciences including herbal and nutritional medicine

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology and Sociology and Adjunct Professor Research and Training

Lecturer, trainer, teacher and coach more than 40 years

Research Projects in Human Behaviour, Gender, Culture, Education

Jani & Don have extensive lived experience including:

Rural, Remote, FIFO, Internationally across cultures, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities and CALD communities

Working with all genders with gender diversity positive approach

Experiences of our large extended family including our children, children’s children, step children and adults and children who have adopted us and our fur children

Passionate about counselling, coaching, sharing adventures and working together.

Brilliance Counselling & Consultancy in Redcliffe 0424855581