Jani's Specialisations are:

Relationship Coaching using Gottman Therapy

With Dr Don Wyatt PhD

Face to Face or Online

As a couple we can teach you and guide you to have meaningful discussions that go somewhere. You’re going to learn how to have conflicts whilst still showing respect. We can explain how to use our approaches to deepen your connection. With a bit practise it’s possibly to rekindle a spark that’s flickering. Sometimes it’s a challenge to overcome a major crisis but it’s not impossible. We’ve helped teach couple’s to recover from affairs and addictions. That doesn’t happen overnight but we will help you to work towards being the best that you can be. We show you how to accept that we don’t all see things the same way. We can help you to learn ways to turn towards one another and think positively about each other’s differences.

We do this by having a really good discussion about how you came to the point of needing some relationship support. We use the approaches that are based on forty years of research and are highly interactive. We coach and support your relationship and can help you trust and hope again.

We use Gottman Therapy https://www.gottman.com/


I want you to feel safe and able to talk with us honestly while we explore your experience. When you’re questioning what your sexuality means to you, you probably don’t want to have to justify it to other people. Sometimes family and friends aren’t accepting and supportive and we are both. I can help you explore what your identity, friendships, social place and relationships could look like.

I honour an individual’s right to be who they are and can help you to process the realities of your life now and in the future. If you’re feeling really depressed or anxious we can show you how to manage those feelings and how to develop ways to deal with intense experiences or hopelessness or rejection.

Young People Adjusting to Diverse Identity

I can help you to manage the prospect of coming out and how to develop ways to cope with all the responses that you may experience. I appreciate the challenges that may face young people. We know that for some people “coming out” isn’t as smooth and doesn’t involve the level of acceptance that you might crave. We’re here to offer understanding, a sounding board, negotiation skills and supports,

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  Domestic Violence  Single Incident Trauma

Everyone experiences trauma. Some trauma can have a long standing impact. Trauma work is challenging and can be quite daunting but we will be with you for as long as it takes to feel safe and comfortable with the past or a single distressing event in your life.

PTSD, Complex PTSD, Domestic Violence and Single Incident Trauma all have the potential to make you second guess yourself and doubt your sanity. Your life has changed and it may feel like it will never be the same. We want you to have hope and confidence that some day it will be better than ever.

Psychotherapy and counselling involve strategies that may hep you to feel that things can and will improve. We have experience working through the genesis of your feelings and expectations and supporting you to feel in control more often.

We accept Mental Health Care Plans, Workcover clients, DVA and we will work with other authorities as required. We are happy to liaise with your employer about EAP provision. 

Mental Wellness  Depression  Anxiety  Sleep Problems  Anger Management  

Depression is more than sadness and feeling disheartened. Sometimes it’s quite reactive, for example after a sudden job loss or relationship break up. Sometimes it seems as if this is part of a pattern throughout one’s life. If your mood is impacting on your ability to be happy let me provide skills, support and encouragement to make changes that help. Let me show you some new ways to begin the path to recovery. No one needs to walk this journey without someone on their team.

Anxiety can include specific fears or be a very general fearfulness. Not wanting to “people” is common. Sometimes you don’t even know how you got so worried about things that don’t seem to bother others. Inaction and avoidance don’t make it better but it seems so hard to do anything.  Second guessing yourself constantly, worrying that you are making mistakes or that you’re viewed negatively by others can make going forward seem so difficult.  We teach you skills that you can use to control your anxiety.

Many clients have described days when having to see or speak with people and be social is just too exhausting. However these same people have to work, study, form friendships and relationships. Our work focuses on how to be both comfortable to be in the world and balance that with times to recharge and enjoy solitude.

We all need to sleep well.  We can help with sleep hygiene and sleep routines as well as helping you to self soothe and learn to relax.  There are a lot of useful tips, patterns and routines that can really help to soothe you into changing a sleep style that isn't providing refreshing and rejuvenating sleep.  

Anger alienates the people you love and makes you doubt yourself. It’s common that a partner or employer insists you see someone. Anger and rage are different and neither helps you or other people to feel safe. There are reasons for getting so angry and we work to help you find a way to manage feelings and move towards being able to have mastery over anger. There’ll be changes to make but we’ll be there to listen and talk you through. Medicare allows you to gain a Mental Health Care Plan and that allows a partial rebate.


We’re passionate about using meditation. We offer a weekly session on Mondays at 6pm. Please call and reserve your place. We use lots of different styles and explore what the practice of meditation means and how it changes our lives.

Professional Supervision

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Qualifications & Memberships or Lots of Details that some people want to know…

Jani Forest-Wyatt

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) and active AASW Member

Australian and New Zealand Professional Association for Transgender Health INC (ANZPATH) Full Member

Gottman Level 3, Treating Affairs and Trauma, Gottman Referral Network, Relationship Institute of Australasia Gottman Therapists Support Group

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS), Ethical Entrepreneurs and social justice groups.

The North Brisbane Private Practice Network and Private Practice Social Workers Interest Group

Skype/Zoom Videotherapy, counselling, supervision & clinical consultation Australia and Internationally

Dr Don Wyatt PhD

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology and Sociology and Adjunct Professor Research and Training

Lecturer, trainer, teacher and coach more than 40 years

Research Projects in Human Behaviour, Gender, Culture, Education

About to complete Degree in Health Science Naturopathy

Jani & Don have extensive lived experience including:

Rural, Remote, FIFO, Internationally across cultures, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities and CALD communities

Working with all genders with gender diversity positive approach

Experiences of our large extended family including our children, children’s children, step children and adults and children who have adopted us and our fur children

Passionate about counselling, coaching, sharing adventures and working together.

Brilliance Counselling & Consultancy in Redcliffe 0424855581