For Accredited Mental Health Social Workers, Social Workers, Allied Health Professionals, Counsellors and Domestic Violence Workers


Professional Supervision

Our work and work places can be challenging. I provide a safe, supportive place to reflect, vent, develop clear and sound strategies and uncover the ways to create your work into the best of allied health professionalism. I can support work with transference and countertransference. I can debrief your confronting experiences. I can help you decide if your particular area of work is the best fit. I can listen when you need to have a bit of a rant to someone who will always hold a safe space of unconditional positive regard. I will also remind you that checking what you are doing and why is a positive and enhances your integrity. I know from experience that our work is complex. Our work places might challenge us too. We all need to have someone with whom one can explore ways of practice, micro and macro skills and complex client work without judgement. I have lots of experiences that inform my practice and supervision. Some of these include cross cultural experience, remote and rural experience and working in busy metro areas too. I love to watch my Supervisees grow in practice confidence and trust their practice wisdom. Flexible hours and Zoom appointments available. My fee structure is based on frequency, duration and income.

Lots of the work that we do can be confronting, tiring, challenging and can trigger countertransference. We’re only human. Our work can also be amazing and rewarding. After more than twenty years of working in this field I can offer to be your back stop and to help you be your very best. My Supervision will provide you with support, understanding, skills, micro skills and humour.

Please call me to discuss what you need on 0424855581. I’m also on email

Looking forward to working with you soon.