Jani was amazing from the moment I booked in my first appointment, right through to the sessions themselves.

She dug deep into issues in a confidential, non-judgmental way and restored confidence again that went missing years ago. All with good humour and compassion in a safe, comfortable environment.

Her Monday night meditation sessions were a valuable tool in between sessions to help calm the mind and showed me a life-long practice I'll hold onto, Thank you so, so much Jani. M. S.

I would highly recommend Jani from personal experience.

She has a unique personality and welcoming approach. Her perception of people and situations, is astounding to say the least. I. M.

Thank you Jani for your wonderful support and guidance during the past year.

Your kindness and gentle manner has been just what I needed. I really appreciate your expertise and loved the advice you gave me about calming my mind. Together, I think we achieved better results than I could ever have anticipated. You are a real gem. I am now facing the future with a much more positive attitude and know that I will cope with anything that comes my way. V.L.

I can not speak more highly of this service and Jani.

Not only did she help me through some major trauma and obstacles in my life but she taught me to have more confidence in myself for future goals. I am now doing a Diploma of Counselling myself and an Allied Health Certificate and I now look forward to furthering my studies in the future. This is a brilliant service and when looking into having counselling I would look no further. I went through many counsellors until I found one that had a professional approach and an understanding consideration relating well to what I was going through. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I appreciate it in more words than I can say. T.J.

You’ve earned your halo

About three years ago I acquired a debilitating medical condition. I lived alone, was unable to work and had no family or friends locally, I struggled greatly. Dark days indeed until my excellent GP referred me to Jani.

There were days when, as I awoke, thinking Damn, I’m awake again. I wasn’t suicidal but saw no obtainable happiness. On a one out of ten happiness scale, a good day was 4. Maybe less.

However I gained the guidance I needed through some Jani epiphanies. I was able to develop medical/emotional and other strategies that simply worked and my mood improved. A key was to involve myself with community rather than living like a recluse. It’s essential.

After some time and frequent visits with Jani I got to be a 6/10. There were various prompts that excited and challenged me.

My medical condition improved and after a time I had an operation that worked. I found the confidence to talk with women and I found the love of my life.

Now every day is a 10. I’m playing guitar again and enjoying the beauty of the world.

I encourage all folks to seek help with difficulties. I think of myself as a smart person and able to look after myself, but to gain a qualified and professional AMHSW was such a blessing. Sometimes I couldn’t master my difficulties by myself. That’s when humility works and there are so many “Aha”s and joyous moments far beyond my emotional ability at that time.

My eternal thanks to Jani. An angel, if you believe in that stuff.

Jani you’ve earned your halo! J.S.